Zomato Share Price Target 2025

Incorporated in 2010, Zomato Limited has emerged as a premier online food service platform, notable for the sheer volume of food sold.

Its broad range of services includes food delivery, dining-out services, loyalty programs, and more.

By the end of 2020, Zomato had solidified its presence in 23 countries, boasting 131,233 active food delivery restaurants, 161,637 active delivery partners, and an average monthly food order volume of 10.7 million customers.

Discussion about some technical terms related to Zomato, after that we will predict the Zomato share price target 2025 every month.

Zomato Share Price Target 2025 Monthly

Based on Zomato’s revenue contributions, business segments, international footprint, and financial performance, the following is Zomato Share Price Target 2025:

MonthProjected Share Price (₹)
Jan 2025235
Feb 2025240
Mar 2025245
Apr 2025250
May 2025255
Jun 2025260
Jul 2025265
Aug 2025270
Sep 2025275
Oct 2025280
Nov 2025285
Dec 2025290

Zomato’s Diverse Offerings

Brands Under Zomato

Zomato operates under several key brands, including Zomato, Hyperpure, Blinkit, and Feeding India. These brands cater to different segments of the food service industry, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Positive Performance in Quick Commerce

In the second quarter of FY24, Zomato’s quick commerce brand, Blinkit, contributed positively throughout the quarter.

This marked a significant improvement from the -7.3% contribution in Q2FY23 to 1.3% in Q2FY24.

Revenue Contributions in Q2FY24

  • Food Delivery: 70%
  • Quick Commerce: 24%
  • Dining Out: 6%

Leading Food Service Platform

By the second quarter of FY24, Zomato had 18.4 million average monthly transacting users, up from 16.4 million in Q4FY23.

By March 2021, the platform had 389,932 active restaurant listings. Its mobile app remains India’s most downloaded food and drinks application for three consecutive fiscal years on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, with approximately 90 billion monthly visits as of FY23.

Business Segments

Food Delivery

Zomato’s food delivery business revolves around three main stakeholders: customers, delivery partners, and restaurants.

The platform has seen substantial growth, with orders increasing 13.2 times from 30.6 million in FY18 to 403.1 million in FY20.

Gross Order Value (GOV) also grew 8.4 times, from INR 13,341.4 million in FY18 to INR 112,209 million in FY20. In FY22, Zomato delivered orders worth Rs 213 billion across 535.2 million orders, averaging Rs 398 per order.

Dining Out

Zomato’s dining-out services allow customers to search for and discover restaurants, read and write reviews, view and upload photos, book tables, and make payments while dining out.

The platform monetizes this segment through advertisement sales products, which restaurants pay for to gain enhanced visibility. In FY20, 8,064 restaurant partners utilized these advertising products.

However, revenue in this segment decreased by 15% YoY in FY22, primarily due to the shutdown of most international operations and a focus shift to the Indian market.


Hyperpure is Zomato’s farm-to-fork supplies offering for restaurants in India. This service sources fresh, hygienic, quality ingredients directly from farmers, mills, producers, and processors, delivering them to restaurant partners. As of Q2FY23, 40,000 unique restaurants were billed through Hyperpure.


Operating in 15 cities in India, Blinkit aims to expand to 480 stores by FY24 and expects to break even by Q1FY25.

International Footprints

Despite its extensive international presence, Zomato has pulled out of all international markets as of Q2FY24, liquidating its subsidiaries in Chile & Slovakia.

International operations contributed about 10% to the company’s revenue but also accounted for more than 15% of liabilities and over 13% of losses in FY21.

Data Analytics Capabilities

Headed by CEO Deepinder Goyal, Zomato leverages advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep data science to innovate continuously for its customers, delivery partners, and restaurant partners.


As of Q2FY24, Zomato comprises 28 subsidiaries, one trust, and one associate.

Show Cause Notice and High-Profile Exits

In December 2023, Zomato received a show cause notice for a GST tax liability of approximately Rs. 400 crores on delivery charges.

The company has also experienced several high-profile exits, including Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Gunjan Patidar in January 2023, Co-founder Mohit Gupta in November 2022, Head of New Initiatives Rahul Ganjoo in November 2022, and Deputy CFO Nitin Savara in August 2022.

Quarterly Results and Monthly Share Price Analysis for 2025

Quarterly Financial Performance

QuarterSales (Rs. Crores)Expenses (Rs. Crores)Operating Profit (Rs. Crores)Net Profit (Rs. Crores)
Mar 2021692846-154-134
Jun 20218441,221-376-361
Sep 20211,0241,560-536-435
Dec 20211,1121,601-489-67
Mar 20221,2121,662-450-360
Jun 20221,4141,721-307-186
Sep 20221,6611,973-312-251
Dec 20221,9482,314-366-347
Mar 20232,0562,282-226-188
Jun 20232,4162,464-482
Sep 20232,8482,895-4736
Dec 20233,2883,23751138
Mar 20243,5623,47686175


Zomato Limited has demonstrated impressive growth and resilience over the years, positioning itself as a leader in the online food service industry.

With strategic expansions and a strong market presence, Zomato’s share price is poised for substantial growth in 2025.

Investors can expect a steady upward trajectory, driven by continuous innovation and market penetration.

Zomato share price target 2025 can be different as per market trends and some other situations created in the market.

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