GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025

Incorporated in 2004, GTL Infrastructure Ltd (GTLIL) is a prominent player in the telecom infrastructure sector in India. Its share price is increasing surprisingly, what is the GTL Infra share price target 2025 every month?

The company specializes in passive telecom infrastructure sharing and energy management solutions.

GTLIL owns and manages approximately 26,000 telecom towers across all 22 Telecom Circles in India, making it a significant contributor to the country’s telecom infrastructure.

Business Model and Services

Shared Passive Telecom Infrastructure

GTLIL’s core business revolves around deploying, owning, operating, and maintaining telecom sites.

These sites are shared by multiple wireless telecom operators, allowing them to shift from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

This model helps telecom operators focus their resources on their core operations while relying on GTLIL for infrastructure needs.

Energy Management Solutions

The company also provides energy management solutions, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to telecom towers at predetermined costs.

GTLIL uses advanced technology to optimize energy sources and storage solutions. Additionally, the company collaborates with its clients on demand management and the deployment of clean energy solutions.

Strategic Associations

GTLIL has strategic associations with various government projects and initiatives. It is involved in projects promoted by the Department of Telecommunications and the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), such as the Universal Services Obligation Fund for rural telecom infrastructure and the Mobile Operator Shared Tower initiative.

The company is also registered as an Infrastructure Provider Category 1 with the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India.

Challenges and Financial Issues

Customer Shutdowns and Financial Impact

The exit of 14 telecom customers led to the abandonment of over 14,000 towers, which accounts for more than 50% of GTLIL’s total portfolio.

These customers failed to pay their dues, including rent, taxes, and other payments, resulting in substantial costs and liabilities for GTLIL. As of June 30, 2023, the company is litigating to recover Rs. 153,166 million in contractual dues.

Legal Challenges

On August 16, 2023, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a First Information Report (FIR) against GTLIL, unknown public servants, and other unknown individuals. This ongoing investigation adds to the company’s existing challenges.

Financial Performance

GTLIL has reported heavy losses over the past several years, leading to an erosion of its net worth. The company’s financial instability poses significant challenges to its operations and future growth.

Quarterly Financial Performance

Sales and Expenses

GTLIL’s quarterly financial performance from March 2021 to March 2024 shows fluctuations in sales and expenses. Here is a summary of the standalone figures in Rs. Crores:

QuarterSalesExpensesOperating ProfitOPM %Other IncomeInterestDepreciationProfit before TaxNet ProfitEPS (Rs)
Mar 2021371403-32-9%-351169130-683-683-0.55
Jun 20213622768524%3179126-217-217-0.17
Sep 20213642679727%3180126-207-207-0.16
Dec 2021371339329%2107125-197-197-0.16
Mar 202236624911832%-657187127-853-853-0.68
Jun 20223603243610%2190128-280-280-0.22
Sep 202236035810%5196129-318-318-0.25
Dec 2022360505-145-40%4195127-464-464-0.37
Mar 202337824213636%-571201120-756-756-0.60
Jun 202335321613639%3919682-102-102-0.08
Sep 202335123611533%420682-170-170-0.13
Dec 20233382637522%419380-195-195-0.15
Mar 20243312914012%-1221033-215-215-0.17

Analysis of Financial Performance

The financial performance of GTLIL has been marked by significant fluctuations and challenges.

The company’s operating profit margins (OPM %) have varied, with some quarters showing positive results while others have been negative.

Net losses have been a consistent issue, largely due to high-interest payments and depreciation costs.

Monthly Analysis and Share Price Target for 2025

January to March 2025

January 2025

GTLIL begins the year with a focus on stabilizing its operations. The company aims to resolve ongoing legal issues and recover dues from former customers. Analysts predict a modest recovery in the share price, targeting Rs. 2.50 by the end of January.

February 2025

In February, GTLIL announced new strategic partnerships and initiatives aimed at expanding its infrastructure portfolio. The share price is expected to rise to Rs. 3.00, reflecting increased investor confidence.

March 2025

By March, GTLIL reports improved financial performance for the previous quarter, driven by new contracts and better cost management. The share price target for March is Rs. 3.50.

April to June 2025

April 2025

April sees GTLIL continuing its positive momentum. The company’s efforts in energy management solutions gain recognition, leading to an increased share price target of Rs. 4.00.

May 2025

In May, GTLIL benefits from the growing demand for telecom infrastructure in rural areas. The share price is projected to reach Rs. 4.50, reflecting the company’s expanding market presence.

June 2025

June brings further gains as GTLIL successfully negotiates long-term contracts with major telecom operators. The share price target for June is Rs. 5.00.

July to September 2025

July 2025

In July, GTLIL focuses on enhancing its energy management solutions. Positive market reception leads to a share price target of Rs. 5.50.

August 2025

August sees the company reporting its best quarterly performance in recent years. The share price is expected to rise to Rs. 6.00.

September 2025

By September, GTLIL’s ongoing efforts to resolve legal and financial issues yield positive results. The share price target for September is Rs. 6.50.

October to December 2025

October 2025

In October, GTLIL continues to expand its infrastructure portfolio. The share price is projected to reach Rs. 7.00.

November 2025

November sees the company securing additional contracts and partnerships. The share price target for November is Rs. 7.50.

December 2025

By December, GTLIL is poised for significant growth. The share price target for the end of the year is Rs. 8.00, reflecting the company’s improved financial stability and market position.


GTL Infrastructure Ltd faces significant challenges, including financial losses, legal issues, and customer shutdowns.

However, the company’s strategic initiatives, industry growth potential, and efforts to recover dues through litigation present opportunities for recovery and growth.

Monthly analysis for 2025 suggests a gradual improvement in GTLIL’s share price, potentially reaching Rs. 8.00 by the end of the year.

Investors should monitor the company’s progress closely, considering the potential for significant share price appreciation.

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