Cochin Shipyard Share Price Target 2025

In this article, we will discuss the Cochin Shipyard share price target 2025 for every month. But let’s discuss some technical terms so you can understand about this stock.

Incorporated in 1972, Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) has emerged as a prominent entity in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry.

Known for constructing and refitting a wide array of vessels, CSL has established itself as a leader in the maritime sector.

The company’s extensive portfolio includes building bulk carriers, advanced technology ships, and vessels for both domestic and international clients.

Cochin Shipyard Share Price Target 2025 Monthly

The projected share price target for Cochin Shipyard in 2025 will be influenced by several factors, including the company’s financial performance, market conditions, and industry trends.

Below is a month-by-month analysis of the expected share price target for 2025.

MonthProjected Share Price (₹)
Jan 20252,600
Feb 20252,625
Mar 20252,650
Apr 20252,675
May 20252,700
Jun 20252,725
Jul 20252,750
Aug 20252,775
Sep 20252,800
Oct 20252,825
Nov 20252,850
Dec 20252,875

Company Overview

Cochin Shipyard’s operations are divided into several key segments:

  1. Ship Building: This segment, which accounted for 72% of revenue in the first nine months of FY24, includes the construction of tankers, product carriers, bulk carriers, passenger vessels, and air defense ships.
  2. Ship Repair: Since 1982, CSL has been providing ship repair services, covering all types of vessels, including those used in the oil exploration industry. This segment contributed 28% to the company’s revenue in the same period.
  3. Green Vessels: CSL is at the forefront of developing zero-emission green vessels. The company is working on a hydrogen fuel cell vessel, expected to be completed by February 2024, and an electric catamaran ferry, with a target completion date of November 2024.

Capacity and Expansion

Cochin Shipyard boasts impressive infrastructure capabilities, enabling the construction of ships up to 110,000 DWT and the repair of ships up to 125,000 DWT.

The company’s facilities are strategically located in Kochi, Kerala, with additional repair facilities in Mumbai, Kolkata, Andaman & Nicobar, Udupi, and Howrah.

Recent expansion projects include the International Ship Repair Facility (ISRF) with a capacity of 6,000 tons and a new dry dock capable of handling up to 70,000 tons of displacement. Both projects were completed and inaugurated in January 2024.

Order Book and Focus

As of Q3 FY24, Cochin Shipyard’s order book for shipbuilding stood at INR 21,500 crore, with 52% dedicated to green vessels. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Defense: INR 16,064 crore (78%)
  • Commercial Domestic: INR 1,260 crore (6%)
  • Commercial Export: INR 2,668 crore (13%)
  • Subsidiaries: INR 696 crore (3%)

Additionally, CSL has ship repair orders worth INR 700 crore and an order pipeline of INR 9,000 crore.

The company is heavily focusing on developing zero-emission green vessels powered by hydrogen and electric technology, including a hydrogen fuel-based 100-passenger ferry boat and an electric catamaran ferry. CSL is also working on the development of an autonomous surface vessel.

Financial Performance

Quarterly Results

Below is a summary of Cochin Shipyard’s financial performance over recent quarters, highlighting key metrics such as sales, expenses, operating profit, and net profit.

QuarterSales (INR Crore)Expenses (INR Crore)Operating Profit (INR Crore)Net Profit (INR Crore)
Mar 20211,080821259230
Jun 20213293072332
Sep 2021696530166136
Dec 2021953811142134
Mar 20221,211912299284
Jun 20224404063449
Sep 2022683543139120
Dec 2022631477154118
Mar 2023577643-6647
Jun 202344436282109
Sep 2023954759195191
Dec 20231,021710311248
Mar 20241,225939286265


Cochin Shipyard Limited has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving maritime industry.

With a focus on green technology, significant infrastructure, and a robust order book, CSL is poised for substantial growth in the coming years.

The share price target for 2025 reflects a positive outlook, driven by strategic initiatives, technological advancements, and consistent financial performance.

Investors can look forward to promising returns as the company continues to lead in shipbuilding and repair services.

Cochin Shipyard share price target 2025 may change or seem different in the future due to market uncertainty or a different environment.

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