Nvidia Signed A Deal With Ooredoo

Nvidia, a global leader in artificial intelligence and graphics processing technology, has recently announced a significant partnership with Ooredoo, a prominent Qatari telecoms group.

This collaboration aims to deploy Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI technology across data centers owned by Ooredoo in multiple Middle Eastern countries.

Introduction to the Nvidia-Ooredoo Partnership

Nvidia has sealed a deal with Ooredoo to introduce its advanced AI technology in data centers situated across Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Kuwait, and the Maldives.

This strategic move not only marks Nvidia’s substantial entry into the Middle Eastern market but also signifies a significant step in leveraging AI capabilities in the region.

Regulatory Context and Strategic Implications

The agreement assumes critical importance against the backdrop of regulatory restrictions imposed by Washington on the export of high-end U.S. chips to prevent potential technology transfer to Chinese entities via Middle Eastern countries.

Nvidia’s initiative with Ooredoo circumvents these challenges, establishing a legitimate channel for accessing state-of-the-art AI and graphics processing technology in the region.

Advantages for Ooredoo and its Data Center Clients

Ooredoo’s data centers will become the first in the Middle East to offer direct access to Nvidia’s AI and graphics technology.

This development enables Ooredoo to enhance its service offerings significantly.

According to Ooredoo’s statement, this technology infusion will empower their clients to deploy generative AI applications effectively, transforming their operational capabilities.

Insights from Nvidia’s Senior Vice President

Ronnie Vasishta, Nvidia’s senior vice president of telecom, highlighted the strategic implications of this partnership.

He emphasized that integrating Nvidia’s technology will enable Ooredoo to better serve its customers by facilitating the adoption of advanced AI applications tailored to meet diverse industry demands.

Financial and Operational Aspects of the Deal

Although specific financial details were not disclosed, the agreement was finalized during the TM Forum in Copenhagen on June 19.

This underscores the strategic alignment and mutual commitment between Nvidia and Ooredoo to advance technological capabilities in the Middle East.

Technology Deployment and Future Expansion Plans

While the exact Nvidia technologies to be implemented were not specified, Ooredoo indicated that the selection would depend on availability and customer requirements.

Concurrently, Ooredoo is investing significantly in expanding its data center capacity by up to 25 additional megawatts, part of a broader plan to triple its capacity by the end of the decade.

Ooredoo’s Strategic Investments and Corporate Restructuring

Ooredoo’s commitment to bolstering its data center capabilities includes a substantial $1 billion investment.

This initiative aims to fortify its position as a leading provider of telecommunications and data services in the Middle East.

The company’s decision to restructure its data centers into a separate entity further underscores its strategic foresight and commitment to enhancing operational efficiency.


Nvidia’s collaboration with Ooredoo represents a pivotal moment in the Middle Eastern tech landscape.

By integrating Nvidia’s AI and graphics processing technology into its data centers, Ooredoo is poised to redefine industry standards and elevate service delivery across the region.

This partnership not only demonstrates Nvidia’s commitment to global technological advancement but also highlights Ooredoo’s proactive approach to meeting evolving customer needs in the digital age.

As both companies continue to innovate and expand, the impact on AI adoption and data center capabilities in the Middle East is expected to be transformative, setting new benchmarks for technological excellence and customer satisfaction in the telecommunications sector.

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