TVS Supply Chain Solutions Share Price Surge After Daimler Truck Deal

In a significant development, TVS Supply Chain Solutions share price witnessed surge to 8%, reaching Rs 183 during the morning trade on June 12.

This positive movement in the stock market followed the announcement of a strategic five-year contract with Daimler Truck South East Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG.

This partnership positions TVS SCS as a key logistics partner for Daimler Truck across the Asia-Pacific region.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Share Price Performance

Morning Trade Surge

At around 9:30 am, TVS SCS shares were trading at Rs 181, reflecting a 7% increase from the previous close on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

This uptrend provided a much-needed respite for TVS SCS, which had seen a nearly 10% decline in its stock price since the beginning of the year.

Market Reaction

The positive market reaction highlights investor confidence in TVS SCS’s growth potential following the deal with Daimler Truck.

The strategic nature of the contract and the long-term partnership prospects have likely contributed to this optimistic sentiment.

Details of the Daimler Truck Contract

Primary Logistics Partner

Under the terms of the agreement, TVS SCS will assume the role of the primary logistics partner for Daimler Truck AG, the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

This decision came after Daimler Truck South East Asia conducted a comprehensive evaluation process before selecting TVS SCS for this pivotal role.

Scope of the Contract

The contract encompasses the management of supply chain operations for Daimler Truck’s distributor network, dealers, and workshops in 16 countries.

These operations will be coordinated from TVS SCS’s strategic logistics center in Singapore, ensuring seamless service delivery across the region.

Operational Responsibilities

SKU and Order Line Management

TVS SCS is tasked with the efficient management of 8,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and 65,000 order lines annually.

This involves handling a wide variety of parts with different storage needs, demonstrating the company’s capability to manage complex logistics requirements.

Customized IT Solutions

To support Daimler Truck’s operations, TVS SCS will implement a customized IT solution suite.

This includes an online platform designed for inventory visibility, ordering, inventory management, parts replenishment, pricing, invoicing, and data analytics for the Daimler Truck Parts Centre (DTPC) in Southeast Asia.

This technological integration aims to enhance operational efficiency and transparency.

Strategic Importance of the Deal

Strengthening Market Position

This strategic contract is a significant milestone for TVS SCS, reinforcing its market position as a leading logistics service provider.

By partnering with a global giant like Daimler Truck, TVS SCS is poised to enhance its reputation and expand its footprint in the Asia-Pacific logistics market.

Leveraging Technology and Data Analytics

TVS SCS’s ability to leverage technology, data analytics, and its extensive execution experience is a crucial factor in the success of this partnership.

The company’s comprehensive approach, which spans from sourcing to consumption, ensures a high level of service and operational excellence.

Future Prospects

Growth Opportunities

The partnership with Daimler Truck opens up numerous growth opportunities for TVS SCS.

As the primary logistics partner, TVS SCS will be instrumental in optimizing Daimler Truck’s supply chain operations, potentially leading to further collaborations and contracts in the future.

Enhanced Investor Confidence

The immediate positive response from the stock market indicates enhanced investor confidence in TVS SCS’s strategic direction.

This deal not only boosts the company’s financial prospects but also solidifies its standing as a reliable partner in the global logistics industry.


The recent surge in TVS Supply Chain Solutions share price underscores the market’s positive reception to the strategic five-year contract with Daimler Truck South East Asia Pte Ltd.

As TVS SCS steps into its role as the primary logistics partner for Daimler Truck in the Asia-Pacific region, it showcases its capabilities in managing complex logistics operations and leveraging technology for enhanced efficiency.

This partnership is set to strengthen TVS SCS’s market position and pave the way for future growth opportunities, reaffirming its status as a leader in the supply chain solutions sector.

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