In Which ETF You Will Find Nvidia?

Nvidia is an America-based IT sector company that makes complex Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for computers and data centers.

This company remains in the news because it has a huge world record in its name. This company had created a market cap of $277 billion in one day.

In Which ETF You Will Find Nvidia?

Talking about which ETF it comes under, if you invest from India then it comes under Nasdaq ETF.

If we look at the Nasdaq 100 ETF, some of the best American-based companies come under it. This includes big companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook Meta.

What is special about Nvidia company?

If we talk about Nvidia company, then this company is the only company in the whole world that makes Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) on a very large scale.

These Graphics Processing Units are used whether you are talking about gaming laptops, good laptops for running heavy software, or of course supercomputers.

All these require Graphics Processing Units to run smoothly and efficiently. Nvidia is the world’s number one company in making these Graphic Processing Units.

If we talk about where the company’s supplies are, then let us tell you that this company has captured the market of GPUs by almost 80%.

The company’s CEO Jensen Huang says that at present there are so many orders pending on the company that the company is not able to fulfill them and is planning to set up new plants.

Nvidia In AI Generation

We all know that this is the era of AI and currently, many AI tools are popular for generating different things in the market.

If you have even a little knowledge about AI then you would know that currently, AI tools like Chat GPT and Google Bard are dominating the market.

Open AI is a very big name in this and the news that is coming out now is that Nvidia is going to do something in the field of AI, that all the companies that are currently working on AI will be left far behind.

All the other companies that are working on AI, need very heavy GPUs for data storage, which is being supplied by Nvidia only.

Nvidia’s world record

You have understood that Nvidia works on such technologies whose demand is going to increase even more in the future.

But do you know that Nvidia also has a world record in its name which is the biggest record in the stock market to date?

This company was seen with a growth of 16% overnight and due to this, the market cap of this company increased to $277 billion in a day.

You can understand this calculation in this way the biggest company in India at present is Reliance Industries whose market cap to date is $243 billion.

Reliance Industries took many generations to create a market cap of $243 billion, whereas Nvidia achieved $277 billion in a single night.

What is the market cap of Nvidia at present?

At present the market cap of Nvidia is $2.21 trillion. With this market cap, it becomes the third most valuable company in the world.

At present, the stock of this company is trading at $884.55. If you believe the market analysts, then this stock is going to trade up to $900 in the coming time.

Nvidia’s returns

If you talk about how many returns this company has given in the recent past, you will be shocked to see its returns.

  1. If we talk about last month, this company has given returns of 27.36%.
  2. If we look at the previous six months’ returns, this company has given returns of 103.25%.
  3. Talking about one-year returns, this company has given returns of 241.53%.
  4. If we look at the returns of 5 years, this company has given returns of 1893.13%.
  5. If we look at the overall returns, this company has given returns of 107771.95%, due to which this company is included among those companies that have given such huge returns, and that work has been done by making a very big company.

For current updates about Nvidia prices and returns check here.

What do big investor institutes think about this company?

Big financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Blackrock say that Nvidia is a diamond.

The pace with which this company is running now will continue to be strong in the future also because of the products manufactured by this company and the quality of its products.

This company makes Graphics Processing Units but the most important thing is that the quality of these Graphics Processing Units is not made by any other company in the world better than Nvidia.

So if we talk about the future aspects of this company, then this company appears to be very growing. Since it has been coming so long, the growth of this company has reached a different level.


By concluding this article we get these points.

  1. Nvidia is a very big company in the IT sector, which makes Graphics Processing Units.
  2. It is the third most valuable company in the world with a market cap of $2.21 trillion.
  3. This is the only company in the world that raises $277 billion in one day which is a world record in itself.
  4. If you want to invest in this company from India, then you can invest in it through the Nasdaq ETF.
  5. With the advent of the AI Revolution, the growth of this company has increased.

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