Tips Industries Crosses 52 Weeks High As Sudden Price Spike

Tips Industries is a well-known company in the entertainment sector. The stocks of Tips Industries have been rising continuously for a long time.

But recently a very sharp surge has been seen in tips industries stocks which we saw on 29 January 2024. This jump is not one or two percent but is it full of 5 percent. Yes, the price of this company is trading at 429 today.

About 8% shares of this company were exchanged on January 29, the company sold 8% shares of Tips Industries at a 20% discount.

The result of this is that volume which is around 9 Lakhs goes up to 70 lakhs.

This morning itself this company had issued 8% of its shares at the price of Rs 380. Due to the exchange handover of this stock, the volume of this company suddenly became high in the stock market and the result was that we saw a jump of 5% in this company today itself.

However, it cannot be said how much return this company can give because its share price has increased so much due to the exchange of shares.

If you want to invest in this company then we would advise you to watch this company for a few days.

If we talk, you can keep this company on your watch list for about a week and if everything seems fine to you, then you can invest in this company.

Talking about the growth of the company, this company has shown good growth in the last couple of years and if we talk about the real story, then the biggest jump seen in this company was in 2020.

At present Tips Industries has crossed its 52-week high. The fundamentals of the company are absolutely clear and we have not seen any fraud of any kind in this company.

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