It Is Right Time To Invest In HFCL Ltd?

HFCL Ltd is India’s largest telecommunication sector company after Reliance Telecom. This company works in manufacturing optical fibers, optical fiber cables, and other similar networking equipment in telecommunication networking.

This company has created history by securing the largest order in the telecommunication industry to date, which is worth Rs 623 crore.

The company has received orders for manufacturing networking equipment from other companies, one of which is a BSNL. These types of equipment will be used to spread 5G networking across the country.

The company has received an order worth Rs 623 crore. This information has been given by the CEO of this company, Mahendra Nahata himself.

Mahendra Nahta ji says that this company has been receiving orders of this type before but this is a very big order and the company will deliver this order at the given time.

Mahendra Nahata ji also said that there is still a lot of growth left for this company and the company does its work honestly which is why they are making so much progress.

HFCL Ltd Stock Analysis

If we talk about the recent price, then the stock price of the company is at 104 to 105. This company has recently crossed its 52-week high.

The market cap of this company is Rs 1511 crore and the volume of this stock is also very good. If experts are to be believed, then it can become the upcoming multi-bagger stock.

As soon as the company received the order, its stock saw a rise of about 10%. Although today the stock is down by 3%, experts say that this stock can be successful in giving good returns in the coming time.

If you are willing to invest in the telecom industry, then this can prove to be a very good time to invest money in HFCL Ltd.

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