SilverBees ETF Next Target Is 80

After a long period of decline, SilverBees ETF also showed a consolidation period. But now SilverBees ETF is continuously growing and is also seen setting its next target.

Commodity stock market experts believe that considering the movement happening in the global stock market, people are investing a lot in gold and silver.

As we saw we are seeing unexpected returns in Gold ETFs, similarly we are seeing similar returns in Silver ETFs also.

Today in this article we will discuss the next target of SilverBees ETF. we will also know the reason why Silver is growing so fast.

What is SilverBees ETF?

Through SilverBees ETF, you can invest in silver at a low cost. If you invest in silver, for this you have to invest in its futures through the MCX market, for which you need a huge amount.

Investing in the futures means you also have a time limit after which your premium will expire.

To avoid this complex, you can invest in silver through SilverBees ETF. You can trade silver like a normal stock through Silver ETF at low prices.

What are the main reasons for the increase in silver ETF?

The main reasons for increasing Silver ETF are as follows.

  1. The global supply of silver has reduced significantly and its demand has increased due to which silver rates are continuously increasing.
  2. There is an atmosphere of war in many countries of the world due to which investors are investing more in commodities and silver also comes in commodities.
  3. Investors investing in silver in huge quantities due to which the rates of silver have increased and the price of SilverBees ETF depends on the price movement of silver, hence the price of Silver ETF is also increasing.

Technical Analysis of SilverBees ETF

In the table below, you can see the technical analysis of SilverBees ETF. In this, we have given a 52-week high and 52-week low, and along with this, we have also told what percentage of returns it has given in different time frames.

SilverBees ETF52 Week High*52 Week Low*1 Week Returns*1 Moth Returns*6 Months Returns*1 Year Returns*Max. Returns*Upper Circuit*Lower Circuit*
Data77.94 INR66.10 INR7.44 INR11.60%15.91%7.02%31.43%89.88 INR59.92 INR

Note- Prices and returns may change according to the time. For the latest data click here.

What will be the next target of SilverBees ETF?

If we talk about the current price, SilverBees ETF is trading at 77.72 INR if we see last week then silver was trading at 72.72 INR.

If you look at it in percentage, it has increased by 7.44% since last week. So if we consider the minimum, it will trade at 80 INR by the end of April 2024.

So SilverBees ETF target till April 2024 will be a minimum of 80 INR, it may even reach 82 INR.

If we talk about how much SilverBees ETF will go by the end of 2024, it should go up to 92 INR.


According to the pace with which SilverBees ETF is moving, its next target will be 80 INR by April 2024.

If you like to trade in commodities and want good returns with less capital then it is a great time to invest in SilverBees ETF.

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