Unveiling GoldBees ETF: Past Returns & Future Projections

If we talk about ETFs, GoldBees ETF is considered the slowest. Everyone feels that this one runs the slowest and gives late returns.

But this time the board that has been shown in GoldBees ETF is beyond the imagination of the investors. If we talk about the last month’s return on the chart, then this return is around 9.55%.

If we talk about the last 5 days, returns of about 5% have been made in this app. Today, at the time we are writing the article, this ETF has increased by 0.67 percent even today.

What is GoldBees ETF?

You can invest directly in gold through the Gold ETF. If you trade in it through commodity trading, then you can trade in futures only, but ETF allows you to invest in gold at a lower price like stocks.

The price of Gold ETF depends on the variation of the price of real gold. But what makes Gold ETF different is that you can buy it like a stock at a very low price and sell it like a stock when you get profits.

Returns of GoldBees ETF in the last few days?

As we talked about in the beginning, this ETF has generated better returns than the investors’ expectations. The table below gives you complete information about its percentage returns in different time frames.

GoldBees ETF1 Day*1 Week*1 Month*6 Months*1 Year*5 Years*Max.*

Note- Prices can be changed from the real market. To know about exact prices click here.

How much will the rates of Gold ETF increase in the future?

See, if you want to invest for the long term then you can invest in it because the rates of gold will continue to increase further.

If you want to invest in Gold ETF for a short-term period, then it becomes very important that you have knowledge of the market, how much people are investing in gold, and how much returns are expected from it.

In the image given below you can see that gold is increasing by GoldBees ETF and the investment of investors in it is also increasing.

GoldBees ETF

If you look carefully, the trade volume is continuously increasing, the highest trade volume is on April 1, 2024, which is 1,34,93,168.

Now reading such a high trade volume means that this price will go up further and you may get to see even better returns in the future.

If the trade volume of an ETF is increasing then it is a good sign to find out whether the price of this ETF will increase further in the future.

Trade volume is just a factor that works but you also have to pay thorough attention to market analysis and research.

It is very important to do your market research before investing in any ETF so that you can get good returns in a short time.


In this article, we talked about Gold ETF which is much discussed these days due to its unexpected price increase.

At this time Gold ETF is a very fast-growing ETF, so if you want to invest in any app then you can pay attention to GoldBees ETF.

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