Revealing The Nifty Infrastructure ETF

We all know that the infrastructure sector works like the backbone of any country. Because if there is no infrastructure in a country then that country will look like a forest or a desert.

If we talk about India, the infrastructure sector has flourished in the last few years because the running government has paid a lot of attention to infrastructure.

Our country India has benefited a lot from this, but have you earned money by investing in the stocks of this infrastructure sector or not?

If, like some investors, you also have difficulty in selecting stocks and end up incurring losses by selecting the wrong stock at the wrong time, then we have brought a very good opportunity for you.

Instead of investing in any infrastructure stock, you can invest in the entire infrastructure index. You can do this work through Nifty Infrastructure ETF, so let us know about this concept.

What is Nifty Infrastructure ETF?

Nifty Infrastructure ETF is an asset that includes all the big companies in the infrastructure sector.

So if you invest money in Nifty Infrastructure ETF, it means that you invest money together in big and profitable infrastructure companies in the country.

Investing in this ETF means that you will be 99% profit because your investment is being made simultaneously in the big infrastructure companies of India.

Which companies are included in the Nifty Infrastructure ETF?

We have given below the list of companies that are included in the Nifty Infrastructure ETF and we have also mentioned which sector that company belongs to and what is the percentage of stake in it.

All CompaniesSectorWeightage ▼
Reliance IndustriesRefineries28.89 %
Bharti AirtelTelecomm-Service9.67 %
Larsen & ToubroInfrastructure Developers & Operators6.99 %
Oil & Natural Gas CorporationCrude Oil & Natural Gas4.87 %
NTPCPower Generation & Distribution4.75 %
UltraTech CementCement4.17 %
Adani Ports & SEZMarine Port & Services4.17 %
Power Grid Corporation of IndiaPower Generation & Distribution3.84 %
Indian Oil CorporationRefineries3.41 %
DLFRealty3.26 %
SiemensCapital Goods – Electrical Equipment2.43 %
Grasim IndustriesTextiles2.11 %
Bharat PetroleumRefineries1.91 %
Interglobe AviationAir Transport Service1.78 %
Ambuja CementsCement1.76 %
GAILGas Distribution1.75 %
Tata PowerPower Generation & Distribution1.73 %
Shree CementCement1.34 %
Apollo HospitalsHealthcare1.28 %
Indian Hotels CompanyHotels & Restaurants1.22 %
CumminsCapital Goods-Non Electrical Equipment1.11 %
IRCTCRailways1.08 %
Hindustan PetroleumRefineries1.05 %
Godrej PropertiesRealty0.97 %
MRFTyres0.90 %
Container Corporation of IndiaLogistics0.87 %
Ashok LeylandAutomobile0.73 %
ACCCement0.72 %
Balkrishna IndustriesTyres0.63 %
Petronet LNGGas Distribution0.60 %

The special feature of Nifty Infrastructure ETF

The special thing about this ETF is that we do not have to buy shares of the best companies in which we invest one by one.

Rather, we can invest money in all these companies together, and that too with very little money.

We can keep the stock of this ETF for any length of time, there is no time limit to this.

As you have to buy a stock with leverage in options & futures but it has a time limit, if you are not able to sell the stock till the time limit then you have to suffer huge losses.

So if you compare this ETF with the options & futures, you will see it as a very cheap and guaranteed return asset.

Not just this ETF but the special thing about all the ETFs is that you can trade them like a normal stock.

Nifty Infrastructure ETF Returns

If we talk about the returns of Nifty Infrastructure ETF, then this return is very excellent.

  • If we talk about the returns of the last month, this ETF has given returns of 4.51%.
  • This ETF has given returns of 36% in the last 6 months.
  • If we look at the last 1 year’s returns, this ETF has given an excellent return of 61.52%.

Please visit Google chart for the latest return report of this ETF.

How can we invest in Nifty Infrastructure ETF?

Investing in Nifty Infrastructure ETF is very easy, you can invest in this ETF by just following these steps.

  1. First of all, open a demat account for yourself with any broker.
  2. After that, when your verification is done and your account is started, then search Nifty Infrastructure ETF in the search box.
  3. Nifty infrastructure ETFs of many such companies will open in front of you which makes your investment in this ETF.
  4. But you have to choose the Nifty Infrastructure ETF which has the highest volume and market cap.
  5. Now you can simply buy this ETF like any normal stock and when your profit comes then you can sell this asset like a normal stock.


Nifty Infrastructure ETF is a great option for all those investors who want to invest in India’s best infrastructure company. Because if you buy their stocks one by one, it will cost you a lot.

Whereas through this ETF, you can invest in all those companies at once at a very low price.

Through this ETF, your investment is invested in every company with the right percentage so that you can get very good profits.

Note– Before investing in any ETF or stock, do your complete market research so that you can get good profits and avoid losses.

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