Is Bharat 22 ETF A Good Investment?

We have earlier talked about PSU Bank et and CBS Bank et. We know that both these eights give us excellent returns, but one such eight gives equally great returns.

Let’s talk about Bharat 22 ETF, today we will know completely about this ETF and will also conclude whether Bharat 22 ETF is a good investment or not.

What is Bharat 22 ETF?

This eight performs like the other ETFs, this ETF includes 22 companies in which you invest money.

The special thing is that these 22 companies come from different sectors like the infrastructure sector, banking sector, and PSU sector.

If we talk about 22 companies, they are the best companies in their sector. If we talk about the history of these 22 companies, then these companies have given us excellent returns.

The special thing about Bharat 22 ETF is that it gives us excellent returns like PSU Bank ETF and CPSE ETF.

The reason for this is that this asset is very volatile, and in this asset, you can see a variation of 2% to 3% within two to three days sometimes.

Bharat 22 ETF companies according to their sector

As we talked about in the beginning, companies from different sectors have been included in the Bharat 22 ETF, so let us know these companies according to their sectors.

Infrastructure sector

If we talk about the companies taken from the infrastructure sector, then the names of two companies are included.

  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Engineers India

Both these companies are construction-based. Larsen & Toubro, which has the highest weightage in Bharat 22 ETF, does the most construction projects in India.

If we talk about Engineers India, also does construction work on bridges and highways.

The growth of these companies has shown very well in the recent past, due to which we see good growth in Bharat 22 ETF also.

Banking sector

If we talk about how many companies contribute to the banking sector in this ETF, then it is as follows.

  • Axis Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Indian Bank
  • Power Finance Corporation

If you pay attention, only Axis Bank is like this which is a private bank. The remaining three banks, State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, and Indian Bank are PSU sector banks.

You can also see the State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, and Indian Bank in the PSU Bank ETF.

If we talk about Axis Bank, a large share of it can be seen in Nifty Bank ETF.

Manufacturing PSU Sector

If we talk about the manufacturing PSU sector, then these companies have the maximum contribution to it, which is as follows.

  • NTPC
  • Power Grid Corporation of India
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
  • National Aluminum Co
  • Coal India
  • Bharat Electronics
  • GAIL India
  • NHC
  • REC Limited
  • NBCC India
  • SJVN
  • NLC India
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation
  • Indian Oil Corporation

Talking about these PSU sector companies, there are a total of 14 companies and their contribution is the highest in this Bharat 22 ETF.

If we talk about the growth of the ETF, then the PSU sector has a lot of contribution to it because, in India, the PSU sector is growing very fast, the effect of which can be seen in this ETF also these days.

Contribution of ITC in Bharat 22 ETF

We talked about companies from different sectors. But in this ETF, a company comes which is very different.

This company is different because it does FMCG, software, packaging, hotel, agro-business, and many other such works.

ITC is a very big group in India and it has a good contribution to this ETF. This company has been giving excellent performance for some time now.

So this company is very unique because we are talking about different sectors and this single company works in many different sectors.

What is the weightage of all these companies in Bharat 22 PDF?

Now we know how many companies are there in Bharat 22 ETF and from which sectors it comes.

But we need to know the weightage of these companies in Bharat 22 ETF.

If we do market research and we can find out which sector is going to boom, then we can easily decide whether or not to buy this ETF by looking at the percentage of companies in that sector.

In the list given below, we have mentioned the percentage of contribution of each company in this ETF, and at the same time, we have also included the sector of the company in this list.

Stock Invested inSector% of Total Holdings
 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.Civil construction15.44%
 National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.Power generation10.90%
 ITC LimitedDiversified FMCG10.83%
 Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.Power – transmission8.54%
 Axis Bank Ltd.Private sector bank7.23%
 Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.Oil exploration & production6.34%
 State Bank Of IndiaPublic sector bank5.88%
 National Aluminium Co. Ltd.Aluminium5.79%
 Coal India Ltd.Coal5.48%
 Bharat Electronics Ltd.Aerospace & defense5.47%
 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.Refineries & marketing3.61%
 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.Refineries & marketing3.09%
 GAIL (India) Ltd.Gas transmission/marketing2.92%
 NHPC Ltd.Power generation1.78%
 Power Finance Corporation Ltd.Financial institution1.58%
 Rural Electrification Corporation LimitedFinancial institution1.51%
 Bank Of BarodaPublic sector bank1.13%
 NBCC (India) Ltd.Civil construction0.73%
 Engineers India Ltd.Civil construction0.53%
 SJVN Ltd.Power generation0.49%
 NLC India Ltd.Power generation0.41%
 Indian BankPublic sector bank0.30%

Returns of Bharat 22 ETF

If we talk about the returns of this ETF, then it has given us a return of 40.51% in the last 6 months.

Bharat 22 ETF

If we talk about the returns of the last 1 year, then this ETF has given a return of 72.39 percent.

Bharat 22 ETF

This return can also change with time. If you want to see the actual return, You can see the actual return by opening its chart on Google.

How can we buy Bharat 22 ETF?

The method of investing in Bharat 22 ETF is very easy, you just need to have a Demat account and follow these steps in whichever broker you have a Demat account with.

  1. Write Bharat 22 ETF in the search bar of your demat account, you will see Bharat 22 ETF, click on it.
  2. Now Bharat 22 ETF will open in front of you, which will appear to you like a normal stock.
  3. Like a normal stock, there will be two options sell and buy. If you want to buy this ETF, click on the Simply Buy option.
  4. Select the number of stocks you want according to your budget and select the Proceed or Buy button.
  5. All the Bharat 22 ETF stocks you have selected will be credited to your account.
  6. Whenever your target is achieved, sell them like normal stocks.


Bharat 22 ETF is a great option for those who want to invest money in the best companies from different sectors.

If you do not have enough money to invest in the best companies of different sectors, then you can invest in all these companies together at a very cheap rate through Bharat 22 ETF.

Note– Before investing, do your complete market analysis and get complete information about the stock or ETF in which you want to invest. So that you can get the best benefits and avoid losses.

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