Why PSU Bank Bees Share Price Declining In Second Week Of March 2024

There was a good rally going on among PSU Bank ETF, and then suddenly what happened that the share price of BSC Bank ETF started falling.

Let us talk today about why the PSU Bank Bees Share Price is continuously falling so rapidly and how much more will this price fall or increase in the future.

Why is the PSU Bank Bees share price falling in the second week of March 2024?

The main reason for the decline of PSU Bank Bees is the State Bank of India Bank(SBI). A report has just come out from the media that the State Bank of India has to present data on electoral bonds to the Supreme Court.

Perhaps investors found this report negative, so they sold the shares of the State Bank of India lightly. This small decline in the State Bank of India had a huge impact on other PSU banks.

While State Bank of India fell nearly 5% in a week, other banks like Canara Bank, and Bank of Baroda big PSU banks, saw declines of over 10%.

Can this decline in PSU banks be called panic selling?

As we just talked about due to the decline in the State Bank of India, we saw double the decline in other PSU banks. So we can understand directly that the reason for this huge decline in PSU banks is panic selling.

We have directly seen the effect of this huge decline in PSU banks in PSU Bank Bees or PSU Bank ETF.

We have seen a decline of about 7.50% in PSU Bank Bees this week. But it is also possible that there has been a slight correction in the market and the market may move ahead while maintaining its uptrend rally.

Is this the right time to invest in PSU Bank Bees?

See, no one knows which direction the market will take right now, but PSU Banks are now trading at a very fast pace.

Meanwhile, this huge correction has come in which PSU Bank Bees has fallen by about 7.50% this week. But we cannot say at all that now this level will fall further.

What do PSU Bank Bees technicals say now?

See, we have talked earlier also that before buying any RTF, we do a good market analysis and we especially pay attention to its RSI indicator.

So if you pay attention to the RSI indicator at this moment the PSU Bank Bees’s RSI is around 15 to 18 in 1 hour time frame.

We have already talked about the strategy of ETFs if the RSI of any ETF appears at 40 then we can invest the first of our five lots from the total amount of investment.

The PSU Bank Bees is between 15 to 18 in a 1-hour time frame right now, which means this is the best time to invest.

So if you talk about the technicals of PSU Bank Bees, then yes here you can make your investment opinion.

What percentage of profit can we expect from PSU Bank Bees?

Well, based on the way this ETF has fallen, it seems that this ETF will give you a good bounce very soon. The reason for this is that if we go into history and see these types of declines in PSU Bank Bees, bank businesses have achieved very quick and good returns.

If we further talk about the returns of PSU Bank Bees, then according to our analysis it can comfortably give you returns of 7 to 10% by the end of March 2024.

How much investment would be appropriate in PSU Bank Bees at this time?

See, a very good strategy for investing in ETF is to divide your investment into five parts. As soon as the RSI of any ETF reaches 40 in the time frame of 1 hour, you can invest your first part in it.

If the ETF comes down by one and a half or two percent then you can invest a second part in it, in the same way you can use your five parts.

But if you want to invest in PSU Bank Bees at this time and you have not made any investment yet, then you can divide your total investment into three parts.

You can invest the first part now and later if there is a further decline, then you can invest the next two parts which you have saved from investment.

This is a very good strategy to invest in any ETF. Now it is up to you how much return you want to be happy with.

Mostly three to four percent return on your investment is very good, due to this you achieve your targets quickly and you also remain ready to invest in the next ETF.


So in this article, we talked about why the PSU Bank Bees share price is falling in the second week of March 2024.

We told why the State Bank of India and other PSU banks are declining so much. Along with this, we also discussed how you can invest in PSU Bank Bees at this time.

Hopefully, this article would have been informative for all of you and you would have understood the reason for the fall in your PSU Bank Bees.

Note– Before making any kind of investment, it is very important to do market research and technical analysis, this helps you avoid huge losses and can take good profits from the market at the right time.

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