HDFC Bank Share Will Decide The Bank Bees Future In 2024

Bank Bees is a very popular ETF in India. Today we will talk about how it is going to perform in 2024 and what will be the reason behind it.

The percentage of HDFC Bank is the highest among all the banks in Bank Bees. This bank alone is capable of making a huge impact on this ETF.

So if we talk about what kind of performance Bank Bees will give in 2024, then HDFC Bank will be the biggest player behind it.

How Bank Bees have fallen in the last few months because of HDFC Bank?

A huge decline was seen in HDFC Bank from January 2024, which happened almost daily. Due to this decline, Bank Bees was also continuously falling.

This was because HDFC Bank holds a 26.40% stake in Bank Bees. This is exactly the same as SBI’s participation among PSU Bank Bees is 29.05%.

The reason for the fall of HDFC Bank was that the annual growth report of HDFC Bank was to come in the month of January and that report came in negative due to which the investors went into panic.

After getting into panic, investors started selling their shares and the result was that HDFC Bank shares fell every day.

From January to the beginning of March, this trend kept falling and investors’ money was stuck in Bank Bees, or else their money was continuously coming in negative.

What is the status of HDFC Bank Share now?

If we talk about the status of HDFC Bank shares now, then let us tell you that investors have invested a huge amount in it.

Because of this investment, HDFC Bank is now becoming stable. Since the first week of March, we have seen that the delivery in shares of HDFC Bank is increasing.

Due to the increase in the delivery of HDFC Bank shares, growth was also seen in the Bank Bees. Investors whose portfolios were negative even after averaging have now turned positive and even booked profits.

Is Bank Bees now the right option for investment after this decline?

See Bank Bees is an ETF and we have talked earlier also that ETF can never give you loss, it may fall for some time or it may consolidate. But it will give you positive returns in the future, it may take a little more time.

For this reason, we consider ETF as a good option for investment because we get guaranteed returns in it.

As far as Bank Bees is concerned, after becoming the stable of HDFC Bank, it has now become a perfect option for investment or trading.

Now, like other information, it has become an option for trading in the right way. You can invest in it after seeing the right time and can also book profit in it after seeing the right time.

Does Bank Bees move only according to the movements of HDFC Bank?

See, it is not at all the case that Bank Bees work only according to the movement of HDFC Bank. There are a total of 12 banks in this ETF, which include the best private and PSU banks.

If you invest money in this ETF, it means that your money is completely invested in all these banks with a good percentage.

We have mentioned in the list below which bank your money is transferred to and at what percentage.

Holdings% Portfolio Weight
HDFC Bank Ltd26.40
ICICI Bank Ltd24.95
State Bank of India12.04
Axis Bank Ltd10.09
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd9.19
IndusInd Bank Ltd6.20
Bank of Baroda3.14
Punjab National Bank2.31
The Federal Bank Ltd2.14
IDFC First Bank Ltd1.97
AU Small Finance Bank Ltd1.75
Bandhan Bank Ltd0.94


We talked about how the Bank Bees was also down due to the share price of HDFC Bank. The effect of stability in the share price of HDFC Bank in Bank 20 also be in the coming time.

If you also want to invest or trade in this ETF like other ETFs, then you can do it because it has become normal now.

Note– Investment or trading can be risky if you do not do your market analysis properly. To make good profits from the share market and avoid huge losses, it is very important to understand all the risk factors.

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