How Many Cybertrucks Has Tesla Sold So Far?

Tesla’s Cybertruck, a highly anticipated electric vehicle, has been making headlines since its announcement.

With production in full swing and recent recalls making waves, it’s crucial to understand how many of these futuristic trucks are on the road today.

Recent Recalls and Their Impact

In a letter dated Monday, June 24, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received confirmation from Tesla about a recall affecting the Cybertruck’s front wiper system.

The issue stems from an excessive electrical current that can cause the single, large front wiper to fail. Additionally, a concurrent recall has been issued for a trim panel in the truck’s bed.

Tesla disclosed that 11,688 Cybertrucks are affected by these recalls. This number provides a rare glimpse into the total number of Cybertrucks sold, including those in use and those still in transit to customers.

Since Tesla does not typically break out Cybertruck sales in its quarterly delivery reports, this figure is particularly revealing.

Production and Delivery Numbers

Analyzing the numbers reveals more about Tesla’s production and delivery schedule. The low-volume production of the Cybertruck began at Tesla’s Giga Austin facility in late November last year.

A previous recall notice indicated that 1,163 Cybertrucks were delivered in December. This means Tesla produced approximately 10,525 Cybertrucks in 2024, averaging a monthly delivery rate of 1,754 units, with five days remaining in June.

Projecting Annual Deliveries

By extrapolating these numbers, Tesla could potentially deliver around 23,500 Cybertrucks by the end of 2024.

However, during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting two weeks ago, CEO Elon Musk announced that the company had set a production record of 1,300 Cybertrucks per week, with an ambitious goal of reaching 2,500 vehicles per week by year-end.

Production Goals and Capacity

If Tesla achieves the production rate of 2,500 Cybertrucks per week, this would translate to 125,000 vehicles annually, accounting for two weeks of factory downtime.

This figure represents half of Tesla’s full-volume production target of 250,000 units per year.

Market Demand and Future Models

A critical question arises: Is there sufficient demand to absorb 125,000 Cybertrucks per year, let alone 250,000?

Elon Musk previously stated that demand for the Cybertruck was “off the hook.” Furthermore, during a recent shareholder meeting, Musk hinted at the introduction of more affordable Cybertruck models.

While the Foundation Series starts at $102,235, future trims like the Cyberbeast ($96,390) and All-Wheel Drive ($76,390) are anticipated.

Second Quarter Delivery Expectations

Tesla is set to report its overall second-quarter delivery numbers early next week. According to expert Consensus, Wall Street expects around 441,000 deliveries for the quarter.

This projection is higher than the 386,800 deliveries in Q1 but lower than the 466,100 deliveries recorded a year ago.


The Tesla Cybertruck has sparked significant interest and debate within the automotive and tech communities.

The recent recalls shed light on the current number of Cybertrucks on the road and highlight the challenges Tesla faces in ramping up production.

With ambitious production goals and the promise of more affordable models, Tesla aims to dominate the electric truck market.

As we await further updates on delivery numbers and production milestones, the Cybertruck remains a key player in Tesla’s strategy and the broader EV market.

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