Tesla Recalls Cybertrucks Due To Technical Failures

Tesla has recently announced the recall of 11,688 Cybertruck electric pickup trucks due to a critical technical failure involving the windshield wiper system.

This issue could significantly impair driver visibility, increasing the risk of accidents.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported this development, highlighting the potential hazards linked to the malfunctioning component.

Key Details of the Recall

Windshield Wiper Malfunction

The primary reason behind this substantial recall is the failure of the windshield wiper motor controller.

The NHTSA noted that an excessive electrical current could cause the front windshield wiper motor controller to fail, which is a serious safety concern as it directly affects driver visibility in adverse weather conditions.

Trunk Bed Trim Attachment Issue

In addition to the wiper issue, Tesla is also recalling 11,383 Cybertruck units due to improperly attached trim in the trunk bed.

This trim could potentially become loose and fall off, posing a road hazard for other motorists. The NHTSA also identified this defect in a separate notice.

Accelerator Pedal Pad Recall

This is not the first time Tesla has had to address safety concerns with the Cybertruck. In April, nearly 4,000 units were recalled to fix an issue with the accelerator pedal pad.

The pad was found to be prone to coming loose and could get lodged in the interior trim, potentially leading to unintended acceleration.

Challenges in Production and Delivery

These recalls are just the latest in a series of challenges for the Cybertruck, which has faced numerous delays and production hurdles since its unveiling.

Tesla began delivering the futuristic, Blade Runner-inspired vehicle in November 2023 after multiple postponements.

CEO Elon Musk has described the production ramp-up as akin to “digging its own grave,” underscoring the company’s difficulties in bringing the Cybertruck to market.

Production Delays and Delivery Numbers

Mass production of the Cybertruck is now anticipated to begin next year.

However, Tesla has yet to disclose the exact number of trucks delivered to consumers in their quarterly deliveries and production report.

The lack of transparency has raised questions about the vehicle’s market penetration and customer satisfaction.

Addressing the Technical Issues

Tesla’s approach to resolving these technical issues involves both hardware and software solutions.

According to the NHTSA’s recall acknowledgment letter, the company’s service team will replace the defective wiper motor.

For the trunk bed trim, Tesla will apply an adhesion promoter and pressure-sensitive tape or replace the missing trim free of charge for affected vehicles.

Recalls and Fixes in Context

The first quarter of this year saw Tesla initiating three recalls affecting approximately 2.4 million vehicles.

Among these, 2.2 million vehicles were recalled in the United States due to incorrect font size on warning lights—a relatively minor issue compared to the Cybertruck’s safety concerns.

Despite the current challenges, Tesla has often relied on over-the-air software updates to resolve many issues, although the latest problems with the Cybertruck necessitate physical fixes.

Future Outlook for the Cybertruck

Despite these setbacks, Tesla remains committed to the Cybertruck and its vision of a robust, electric pickup truck that pushes the boundaries of automotive design and functionality.

The ongoing recalls and production challenges are significant, but they are part of the larger journey of bringing innovative products to market.

Market Impact and Consumer Trust

The recalls could impact consumer trust and the market perception of the Cybertruck.

As Tesla works to address these issues, maintaining transparency and ensuring rigorous quality control will be crucial.

The company’s ability to effectively manage and rectify these problems will play a significant role in determining Cybertruck’s success in a competitive market.

Enhancing Safety and Reliability

Tesla’s proactive approach in recalling and fixing the identified issues is a positive step towards enhancing the safety and reliability of the Cybertruck.

By addressing these technical failures promptly, Tesla aims to uphold its reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction.


The recent recalls of the Tesla Cybertruck highlight the challenges and complexities involved in bringing a cutting-edge electric vehicle to market.

The issues with the windshield wiper motor controller and the trunk bed trim attachment are critical safety concerns that Tesla is actively working to resolve.

As the company navigates these hurdles, its commitment to quality and customer safety remains paramount.

Moving Forward

Looking ahead, Tesla’s focus will be on overcoming these technical challenges and scaling up production to meet the high demand for the Cybertruck.

Ensuring that all future vehicles are free from such defects will be essential for maintaining consumer confidence and achieving long-term success in the electric vehicle market.

As Tesla continues to innovate and push the boundaries of automotive technology, the lessons learned from these recalls will undoubtedly contribute to the development of even more reliable and safe vehicles in the future.

The journey of the Cybertruck is a testament to the ambitious spirit of Tesla and its relentless pursuit of excellence in the automotive industry.

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