Zomato Acquiring Paytm’s Business

Zomato, a leading food delivery service in India, has announced that it is in discussions to acquire the movie ticketing and events business of Paytm.

This potential deal, valued at approximately ₹1,500 crore, marks a significant move in Zomato’s strategy to expand its offerings beyond food delivery.

While negotiations are ongoing, no binding agreement has been reached yet.

Zomato’s Clarification on the Acquisition

Official Statement

Following reports about the potential acquisition, Zomato issued a clarification to the stock exchanges.

The company acknowledged that it is indeed in discussions with Paytm for the transaction.

However, Zomato emphasized that no binding decision has been made at this stage that would require Board approval or a formal disclosure as per legal requirements.

Strategic Alignment

Deepinder Goyal, CEO of Zomato, highlighted that this potential acquisition aligns with Zomato’s broader vision to enhance its ‘going out’ offerings.

The company stated, “The discussion is being undertaken with an intent to further strengthen our going-out business and is in line with our stated position of focusing only on our four key business segments.”

Expansion of Zomato’s ‘Going Out’ Business

Enhancing Consumer Experience

Zomato’s interest in acquiring Paytm’s movie ticketing and events business stems from its desire to enhance the consumer experience for people looking to dine out, watch movies, or attend events.

By integrating these services, Zomato aims to provide a seamless platform where users can not only order food but also plan their outings, making it a one-stop solution for all leisure activities.

Strategic Benefits

If finalized, this acquisition would be Zomato’s second-largest purchase, following its acquisition of quick commerce platform Blinkit in 2021, which was an all-stock deal valued at ₹4,447 crore.

Integrating Paytm’s ticketing services will enable Zomato to tap into a new market segment and diversify its revenue streams, thereby strengthening its overall market position.

Paytm’s Movie and Events Ticketing Business

Business Overview

Paytm, operated by One97 Communications Ltd, has a diversified business portfolio that includes movie and events ticketing as part of its broader marketing services segment.

Although Paytm does not separately disclose the financials for its movie and events ticketing business, the company reported annual sales of ₹17.4 billion for the fiscal year ending March 2024.

This figure encompasses various marketing services, including credit card marketing and gift vouchers.

Market Position

Paytm’s movie ticketing service has gained significant traction over the years, competing with established players like BookMyShow.

The addition of Paytm’s ticketing business to Zomato’s portfolio could create a formidable player in the entertainment and dining-out sector, offering a comprehensive suite of services to consumers.

Potential Impact of the Acquisition

Market Dynamics

The acquisition could significantly alter the dynamics of the Indian market for online movie ticketing and events.

Zomato’s extensive user base and Paytm’s established ticketing platform could create a synergistic effect, attracting more users to both services.

This could also intensify competition with other players in the market, potentially leading to more innovative offerings and better deals for consumers.

Financial Implications

The ₹1,500 crore deal represents a substantial investment for Zomato.

However, given Zomato’s robust financial health and its recent successful acquisitions, this move could be a strategic investment that pays off in the long run.

By expanding its service offerings, Zomato can increase its revenue streams and reduce dependency on its core food delivery business.

Operational Integration

Successfully integrating Paytm’s ticketing business into Zomato’s platform will be crucial.

This will involve merging technological platforms, aligning marketing strategies, and ensuring a smooth transition for users.

Zomato’s experience with past acquisitions, such as Blinkit, will likely aid in this process, ensuring that the integration is as seamless as possible.

Future Prospects for Zomato

Diversification and Growth

The acquisition is in line with Zomato’s strategy of diversifying its business.

By moving beyond food delivery, Zomato aims to become a comprehensive platform for various lifestyle services.

This diversification will not only enhance customer loyalty but also provide multiple revenue streams, mitigating risks associated with reliance on a single line of business.

Competitive Edge

Expanding into the ticketing and events business will give Zomato a competitive edge over its rivals.

Offering an integrated platform for dining and entertainment will attract a broader audience, including users who might not have previously considered Zomato for their leisure activities.

This could result in increased user engagement and higher transaction volumes.

Long-term Vision

Zomato’s long-term vision includes becoming a leader in the lifestyle services market.

By continually expanding its offerings and improving user experience, Zomato aims to set itself apart from competitors.

The acquisition of Paytm’s ticketing business is a step towards realizing this vision, positioning Zomato as a versatile and innovative player in the industry.


Zomato’s ongoing discussions to acquire Paytm’s movie ticketing and events business represent a strategic move to broaden its service offerings and strengthen its market position.

While the deal is not yet finalized, it holds significant potential for both companies and the Indian market.

By integrating Paytm’s ticketing services, Zomato aims to provide a comprehensive platform for food delivery, movie ticketing, and events, enhancing the overall consumer experience and driving growth.

This acquisition could mark a new chapter in Zomato’s journey, further solidifying its status as a leading player in the lifestyle services sector.

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