Reliance Power Is A New Jackpot In Stock Market

Reliance Power is a company whose stock has not increased for a long time and investors’ money was stuck in this company.

But if we see from the last week, this stock is going to be in its upper circuit continuously. The name of the owner of Reliance Power is Anil Ambani, who is the brother of famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani.

Anil Ambani was struggling with a financial crisis for a long time due to which his company Reliance Power was not able to do much.

But what happened suddenly is that Reliance Power has been continuously installing the upper circuit for some time now, let us discuss this today.

Reliance Power is the new jackpot in the stock market

The way Reliance Power is continuously appearing in the upper circuit, it has given returns of up to 35% in the last few days.

Due to this, stock market experts believe that this has proved to be a new jackpot in the stock market.

In the last week, there have been continuous upper circuits in it, seeing which the investors are completely surprised as to what happened in this company that the growth of this company started happening so fast.

If we talk about the 52-week high of this company then it is 33.15 INR and its 52-week low is 9.05 INR.

If we talk about March 2024 itself, it was trading at 20 INR in the second week of March, but if we talk about the stock from this time, it is trading at 27.60 INR.

What is the reason behind this stock rising so much?

If you look at the technical factor, the only reason behind Reliance Power rising so much is that its owner Anil Ambani has reduced his debts to a great extent.

Recently news came that he has cleared the debts of banks like ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and IDBI Bank.

This was positive news which investors took very seriously and started investing in Reliance Power.

The investment took place rapidly and the stock started appearing in the upper circuit continuously. If we look even today, this stock has entered the upper circuit.

The surprising thing about this stock is that it is growing so fast that it gets upper circuit as soon as the market opens in the morning.

Is this stock good for long-term investment?

It is believed that due to the way Anil Ambani has managed his debts, he may reduce the debts of this company further in the future.

But the matter is about the future. If we look at the present, even though the stock is performing well, this stock was a stalled stock for a long time.

So if you are planning to invest in it for the long term then in our opinion you should let this stock go above 30 INR.

When this stock goes above 30 INR, then you can consider a long-term investment in it, but for that, you should do your market research and chart analysis thoroughly.

Because pump and dump schemes have been seen a lot in this type of stock.

What is pump and dump?

See, pump and dump is seen quite often in penny stocks, which means that the operators increase the stock in this manner.

After seeing the stock rise, the investors start investing in this type of stock and when the profit is seen in this stock, the operators take away all their money from it and the investors get trapped.

This process is called pump and dump. So in our opinion, you should keep Reliance Power on your watch list for some more time and when you see this stock becoming stable, you can think of investing in it for the long term.

After all, why are power sector stocks rising?

Reliance Power is not the only stock that is witnessing this type of growth. Ever since the Indian Government launched new projects for the power sector, apart from Reliance Power, many such stocks are witnessing a rise.


While concluding this article we get these few points.

  1. Reliance Power is suddenly growing very fast and is proving to be a stock market jackpot.
  2. Anil Ambani has done a lot of work on Reliance Power.
  3. Reliance Power has been facing the upper circuit continuously for some time.
  4. To invest in Reliance Power for the long term, you can wait for some time and keep this stock on your watch list.
  5. To invest in Reliance Power for the long term, let this stock go above ₹30.

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