Now GSK Will Make Influenza Covid Vaccines

In a strategic move that underscores the growing importance of mRNA technology in vaccine development, GSK has acquired full rights from CureVac to develop and manufacture mRNA-based vaccine candidates for Influenza and COVID-19.

This significant deal, valued at up to 1.05 billion euros ($1.13 billion), marks a pivotal moment in GSK’s efforts to expand its vaccine portfolio.

A New Licensing Agreement

GSK’s acquisition of CureVac’s vaccine rights is the result of restructuring an existing collaboration that began in 2020. Initially, the partnership focused on developing mRNA-based vaccines for various infectious diseases.

The new licensing agreement allows GSK to take full control of the development and manufacturing process, potentially accelerating the availability of new vaccines.

Details of the Deal

The deal entails GSK making an upfront payment of 400 million euros to CureVac. Additionally, CureVac stands to receive up to 1.05 billion euros in milestone and royalty payments as the vaccines progress through development and into commercialization.

This financial arrangement highlights the high stakes and significant potential of mRNA technology in combating infectious diseases.

Vaccine Candidates in Development

As part of their collaboration, GSK and CureVac have already advanced several vaccine candidates. The most notable are the candidates for seasonal Influenza and COVID-19, both of which are currently in phase II clinical development.

Additionally, a vaccine candidate for avian Influenza is in phase I clinical development. These developments demonstrate the versatility and potential of mRNA technology in addressing various viral threats.

The Importance of mRNA Technology

mRNA technology has gained significant attention and validation through the successful development and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines.

This technology allows for rapid development and high efficacy, making it a powerful tool in the fight against infectious diseases.

By acquiring CureVac’s mRNA vaccine candidates, GSK is positioning itself at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Strategic Benefits for GSK

For GSK, this deal represents a strategic expansion of its vaccine portfolio. The addition of mRNA-based vaccines for Influenza and COVID-19 aligns with GSK’s broader mission to innovate and provide effective healthcare solutions.

Moreover, owning the rights to these vaccine candidates enhances GSK’s ability to respond swiftly to emerging infectious diseases.

Financial and Market Implications

The financial terms of the deal reflect the substantial market potential of mRNA vaccines.

With an upfront payment of 400 million euros and the possibility of earning up to 1.05 billion euros in milestone and royalty payments, CureVac stands to benefit significantly from the success of these vaccines.

For GSK, the investment underscores its commitment to leading in the vaccine market and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Progress in Clinical Trials

The vaccine candidates’ progress in clinical trials is a critical aspect of this partnership. The phase II clinical trials for the seasonal Influenza and COVID-19 vaccines will provide crucial data on efficacy and safety, guiding further development and regulatory approval processes.

The phase I trials for the avian Influenza vaccine will also contribute valuable insights into the technology’s applicability across different viral strains.

The Road Ahead

With this new licensing agreement, GSK and CureVac are poised to make significant strides in vaccine development.

The collaboration’s restructuring into a more streamlined and focused partnership allows for greater efficiency and potentially faster time-to-market for these important vaccines.

The ongoing clinical trials will be closely watched by the medical community and investors alike, as successful outcomes could pave the way for new mRNA vaccines to combat seasonal and pandemic Influenza.


The acquisition of CureVac’s mRNA vaccine rights by GSK marks a major milestone in the development of innovative vaccines for Influenza and COVID-19.

This deal not only strengthens GSK’s vaccine portfolio but also underscores the transformative potential of mRNA technology in addressing global health challenges.

As clinical trials progress and milestones are achieved, the collaboration between GSK and CureVac has the potential to significantly impact the future of vaccine development and public health.

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