Is GEM Enviro IPO The Right Choice?

GEM Enviro’s initial public offering (IPO) has garnered significant attention, with investors eagerly awaiting its opening.

Scheduled for subscription from Wednesday, June 19, 2024, this IPO presents a promising investment opportunity.

Overview of GEM Enviro IPO

GEM Enviro’s IPO is a book-built issue with a goal of raising Rs 44.93 crore.

This amount comprises a fresh issue of 1.49 million shares valued at Rs 11.23 crores and an offer for sale of around 4.49 million shares totaling Rs 33.70 crores.

The subscription period begins on June 19, 2024, and concludes on June 21, 2024.

The share allotment is expected to be finalized by Monday, June 24, 2024, and the IPO is set to list on BSE SME with a tentative listing date of Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

Key Dates and Subscription Details

  • Subscription Opens: June 19, 2024
  • Subscription Closes: June 21, 2024
  • Final Allotment Date: June 24, 2024
  • Listing Date: June 26, 2024

Price Band and Lot Size

The price band for the GEM Enviro IPO is set between Rs 71 and Rs 75 per share. Retail investors can apply for a minimum of 1600 shares per lot, necessitating a minimum investment of Rs 120,000.

High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) have to apply for at least 2 lots, translating to 3200 shares, requiring an investment of Rs 240,000.

Grey Market Premium (GMP)

According to Chittorgarh IPO, the latest Grey Market Premium (GMP) for GEM Enviro stands at Rs 62.

With the upper price band set at Rs 75, the estimated listing price could be Rs 137, indicating an expected listing gain of 82.67% per share.

This significant premium underscores strong market sentiment and investor confidence in GEM Enviro’s prospects.

Financial Performance

Revenue Growth

In the fiscal year 2023 (FY23), GEM Enviro reported a notable 30.05% increase in revenue, rising from Rs 32.9 crore in FY22 to Rs 42.8 crore.

This robust growth highlights the company’s expanding market presence and operational efficiency.

Profit After Tax (PAT)

The profit after tax (PAT) for GEM Enviro also saw an impressive rise of 34.43%, climbing from Rs 7.4 crore in FY22 to Rs 10 crore in FY23.

This growth in profitability is indicative of the company’s strong financial health and effective cost-management strategies.

Allocation of Shares

The IPO has allocated up to 50% of the shares to Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs), ensuring that a significant portion is reserved for institutional investors.

Retail investors are allotted at least 35% of the shares, while Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs) have a minimum allocation of 15%.

This distribution strategy aims to balance the demand across various investor categories and ensure broad-based participation.

Lead Managers and Registrars

The book-running lead managers for the GEM Enviro IPO are Share India Capital Services Private Limited and Fintellectual Corporate Advisors Private Limited.

Skyline Financial Services Private Ltd will serve as the registrar, and Share India Securities will be the market maker.

These reputable entities bring extensive experience and expertise, enhancing the credibility and management of the IPO process.

Investment Considerations

Market Position and Growth Potential

GEM Enviro operates in a niche but growing sector, which is increasingly gaining importance due to heightened environmental awareness and regulatory measures.

The company’s consistent revenue and profit growth indicate a strong market position and potential for future expansion.

Risk Factors

As with any investment, there are inherent risks to consider.

The primary risks include market volatility, potential regulatory changes, and operational risks related to scaling the business.

Investors should evaluate these factors in light of their risk tolerance and investment strategy.

Competitive Landscape

GEM Enviro faces competition from other companies in the waste management and environmental services sector.

However, its strong financial performance and growth trajectory suggest a competitive edge. Investors should consider how GEM Enviro’s offerings and strategic initiatives differentiate it from its peers.


The GEM Enviro IPO presents a compelling investment opportunity, driven by strong financial performance, favorable market conditions, and a promising grey market premium.

With a structured allocation of shares and reputable lead managers, the IPO is well-positioned for success.

However, potential investors should carefully assess their investment goals, risk tolerance, and the broader market environment before making a decision.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in GEM Enviro’s IPO should be based on a thorough analysis of the company’s financial health, growth prospects, and market dynamics.

By doing so, investors can make an informed choice that aligns with their financial objectives and risk profile.

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