Goldman Sachs Reduces Investment In Voya Financial

In the fourth quarter, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. trimmed its stake in Voya Financial, Inc. by 2.3%, according to the most recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This reduction brought Goldman Sachs’ total holdings to 714,238 shares, a decrease of 17,118 shares from the previous quarter.

Despite this reduction, Goldman Sachs still held about 0.70% of Voya Financial, valued at approximately $52,111,000 at the end of the reporting period.

Changes in Investment

New Stakeholders in Voya Financial

During the fourth quarter, several other investment firms also adjusted their positions in Voya Financial.

Notably, Virtu Financial LLC acquired a new stake worth around $213,000. Similarly, GLOBALT Investments LLC GA took a new position valued at $697,000.

Additionally, Gillson Capital LP made a significant acquisition, securing a new position valued at $11,142,000. Eisler Capital UK Ltd. also joined the list of new stakeholders with an investment worth $1,002,000.

KBC Group NV’s Increased Holdings

KBC Group NV notably increased its holdings in Voya Financial by 50.6% during the fourth quarter.

After acquiring an additional 629 shares, KBC Group NV now owns 1,871 shares of Voya Financial, valued at $137,000.

Institutional Ownership

Hedge funds and other institutional investors own a substantial 96.10% of Voya Financial’s stock.

This significant level of institutional ownership indicates a strong confidence among major investors in the company’s prospects.

Analysts’ Ratings and Target Prices

Wells Fargo & Company’s Rating

Wells Fargo & Company recently updated its target price for Voya Financial, raising it from $91.00 to $92.00.

The firm has given Voya Financial an “overweight” rating, suggesting a strong performance outlook for the company.

Piper Sandler’s Perspective

Piper Sandler also adjusted its target price, increasing it from $78.00 to $86.00. The “overweight” rating from Piper Sandler aligns with Wells Fargo’s positive outlook, reinforcing the potential for Voya Financial’s growth.

Morgan Stanley’s Analysis

In contrast, Morgan Stanley slightly lowered its price objective from $79.00 to $78.00 while maintaining an “overweight” rating.

Despite the minor decrease, the “overweight” rating still indicates a favorable view of Voya Financial’s stock.

Impact on Voya Financial

Market Performance

The reduction in Goldman Sachs’ holdings, along with the new stakes acquired by other investment firms, reflects a dynamic shift in the investment landscape for Voya Financial.

The mixed ratings and adjusted target prices from leading financial analysts contribute to nuanced market sentiment, balancing optimism with caution.

Strategic Implications

Goldman Sachs’ decision to reduce its stake could be seen as a strategic move, potentially reallocating resources to other opportunities.

Meanwhile, the entry of new investors and the increase in holdings by existing ones like KBC Group NV signal continued interest and confidence in Voya Financial’s long-term potential.


The recent movements in Voya Financial’s stock, driven by adjustments from major investment firms and updated analyst ratings, paint a complex picture of the company’s current standing and future prospects.

While Goldman Sachs’ reduced stake might raise questions, the influx of new investments and the positive outlook from several analysts suggest a strong underlying confidence in Voya Financial.

As institutional ownership remains high, it will be interesting to observe how these developments influence Voya Financial’s market performance in the coming quarters.

This dynamic investment activity highlights the importance of monitoring institutional movements and analyst opinions to gain a comprehensive understanding of Voya Financial’s position in the market.

Investors should consider these factors, along with broader market trends, when evaluating their investment strategies related to Voya Financial.

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