CPSE ETF Share Price Increases Because Of Exit Poll

The CPSE (Central Public Sector Enterprises) ETF is experiencing a significant surge in its share price ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha election results.

Investors and market analysts are keenly observing this trend, driven by the exit polls predicting a strong performance by the current ruling government.

According to the exit polls, the ruling party is expected to secure over 350 seats, creating a wave of optimism in the market.

This anticipation of political stability and continuity has led to a remarkable rally in the CPSE ETF share price, which has increased by 7.57%, marking one of the most substantial gains in the ETF’s history.

Exit Polls and Market Reactions

Political Stability Fuels Optimism

The exit polls suggesting a strong return of the current ruling government have instilled a sense of confidence among investors.

Historically, markets respond positively to predictions of political stability, as it reduce uncertainty and fosters an environment conducive to economic growth and development.

The projected victory has thus been a key factor driving the surge in the CPSE ETF share price.

Historical Context of Market Responses

Markets have always shown sensitivity to political events, especially general elections.

A clear majority for the ruling party is often seen as a green light for the continuation of existing economic policies and reforms, which is favorable for market sentiments.

The current scenario is no different, with the anticipated political continuity boosting investor confidence.

Unprecedented Rally in CPSE ETF

Record-Breaking Increase

The CPSE ETF has witnessed a notable increase of 7.57% in its share price. This rally is not only significant in terms of percentage growth but also marks one of the largest single-day gains for the ETF.

The market’s enthusiasm reflects the high expectations placed on the public sector enterprises included in the ETF.

Performance of Constituent Companies

The impressive performance of the CPSE ETF can be attributed to the strong returns generated by its constituent companies.

Below is a breakdown of the returns from some of the major companies within the ETF:

  • NTPC: 9.14%
  • Power Grid Corporation of India: 8.92%
  • ONGC: 7.47%
  • Coal India: 4.31%
  • Bharat Electronics: 7.67%
  • NHPC: 5.50%
  • Oil India: 5.29%
  • NBCC: 5.79%
  • SJVN: 2.47%
  • Cochin Shipyard: 3.36%
  • NLC India: 2.03%

These substantial returns from individual companies have collectively contributed to the overall surge in the CPSE ETF’s share price.

Factors Contributing to the Rally

Positive Economic Outlook

The anticipation of the ruling government’s victory has led to a positive economic outlook among investors.

With expectations of continued reforms and policy stability, investors are optimistic about the growth prospects of public sector enterprises.

This optimism is reflected in the rising share prices of these companies, and consequently, the CPSE ETF.

Government Policies and Reforms

The ruling government has implemented several policies aimed at strengthening public sector enterprises, including capital infusion, modernization initiatives, and strategic divestments.

These policies have improved the operational efficiencies and financial health of these companies, making them attractive investment options.

Improved Financial Performance

Public sector enterprises have shown significant improvements in their financial performance over the past few years.

Enhanced profitability, better asset utilization, and reduced debt levels have bolstered investor confidence.

The improved financial metrics of these companies are a key factor behind the recent rally in their share prices.

Future Outlook for CPSE ETF

Continued Rally Expected

With the official election results yet to be announced, the rally in the CPSE ETF is expected to continue in the near term.

Investors are betting on the political stability and policy continuity that a victory for the ruling government would bring. This sentiment is likely to keep the share prices of public sector enterprises buoyant.

Long-Term Prospects

In the long term, the performance of the CPSE ETF will depend on various factors, including global economic conditions, government policies, and the operational performance of the constituent companies.

However, the current rally has set a positive tone, and if the expected political and economic stability materializes, the ETF could continue to deliver strong returns to investors.

Potential Risks

While the current outlook is optimistic, investors should also be aware of potential risks.

Changes in government policies, global economic uncertainties, and operational challenges faced by public sector enterprises could impact the performance of the CPSE ETF.

Investors must stay informed about these factors and adjust their investment strategies accordingly.


The CPSE ETF has experienced a significant increase in its share price ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha election results, driven by positive exit poll predictions and the anticipation of political stability.

The impressive returns from the constituent companies within the ETF have further fueled this rally.

As investors await the official election results, the CPSE ETF’s share price is expected to remain buoyant, reflecting the optimistic market sentiment.

In the long term, the ETF’s performance will depend on various factors, but the current trend suggests a favorable outlook for investors looking to capitalize on the anticipated political and economic stability.

This surge in the CPSE ETF showcases the market’s confidence in the potential for continued growth and stability under the expected political leadership.

Investors will be closely monitoring the election results and subsequent policy directions to gauge the future performance of the ETF and make informed investment decisions.

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